What We Do

ChangingPace is a consultancy. Our main focus is cycling, with a particularly local (Edinburgh) emphasis.

We mix advice and promotional activities – information stalls and web sites – with practical activities such as bike clubs and rides.

Most companies, organisations and many individuals have a ‘web presence’. We keep up to date with developments that make it easy for people to update their own information and include interesting content with the help of ‘technologies’ such as WordPress (blogs), Flickr (photos), Google Maps (maps) and VodPod (videos).

We know what ‘works’ but aren’t afraid to try different approaches to helping/persuading more people to cycle (more often).

TryCycling rides attract people who aren’t sure if they can cycle even five miles. Some ‘graduate’ to longer rides organised by other groups, some get the confidence to cycle to work, others continue to ride occasionally in convivial company.

We work with young people – particularly late primary and early secondary ages. Just when they are most interested in using their bikes and in most danger of losing interest. We mix, training, education and fun.

One response to “What We Do

  1. You would never know you loved cycling with a passion. Good luck with changing pace!

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