It’s Not Just Young People

ChangingPace does a lot of work with people of school age (in and out of school). It also attracts ‘all ages’ to the TryCycling Rides it organises.

Now it is working with a group of people officially “over 50”. The Bingham & District 50+ Project offers a wide range of activities and outings for its 150 members. Due to the fact that it is the ‘landlord’ for the Bingham Bicycle Club (this uses the garage attached to the Project’s office) the idea of offering ‘cycle lessons’ emerged.

Initially it was thought that perhaps “3 or 4” might be interested in seeing if they were up to riding a bike again. A date was set and a minibus booked to collect people from across Craigmillar. More than a dozen turned up!

After an initial talk about expectations – no-one expected to be in the Olympics, North Berwick was a possibility for a couple of people, as long as the train took most of the strain – it was agreed that people could try a bike if they wanted to. Then the garage door was rolled up to reveal a selection of bikes – mostly ‘Mountain’ style bikes used by the BBC.

Quite a few people were very eager! Saddle heights were altered and warnings given that the brakes ‘are probably a lot better than last time you rode a bike’. Gears were mentioned. One woman said she’d never had gears – “my father didn’t believe in them”.

50+ Project organiser Catriona Kerr said; “everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves – even those who didn’t actually manage a go. We’ll see how it all pans out over the next couple of weeks – I think that some of the group will buy a bike!

One helper was Jacquie Phelan – in Edinburgh for the Bike Week Film Festival – she’s written a great account of the first session.

July Update: One person joined the Bingham Bike Club (mostly for young people) and cycled to Portobello Beach.

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